Our HOA Election Services

We specialize in all aspects of HOA Elections

  • Accurate and reliable service from start to finish, ensuring ballot and process integrity for challenge-free HOA elections.
  • Preparation of election packages: call for nominations, pre-ballot notice, ballot package, and post-election results notice.
  • Mailing list formatting.
  • Ballot printing, assembly, and mailing, using 3-envelope system.
  • Receipt, tally and secure storage of ballots.
  • Ballot authentication, counting, tabulation, and delivery of certified election results.
  • Election timelines that meet regulatory and Board requirements.
  • Customized HOA election webpages with online nominations, election timelines and election rules.
  • Compliance with California law, Davis-Stirling Act and HOA governing documents.
  • Worry-free and hassle-free election process so your team can rest easy.
Professional HOA Elections

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